Implementation and AQAP certificate of the quality management system for military suppliers

AQAP certificate

What is AQAP?

NATO countries standards for the supply systems of member states’ armed forces through the development and publication of the STANAG 4107 standardization agreement. “Mutual acceptance of government quality assurance processes and the use of allied AQAP quality assurance publications”.

AQAP – (Allied Quality Assurance Publication) is a standardized series of quality publications for suppliers of armed forces. It was published as the STANAG 4107 standardization agreement by NATO countries and concerns the quality of the final product. The AQAP certificate proves that the supplier ensures objective control and that the product complies with the contract requirements.
AQAP consists of:

    • AQAP 2110:2016-“NATO requirements for quality assurance in design, development and production” – incorporates the requirements of ISO 9001.
    • AQAP 2210:2015- “NATO Supplementary Requirements to AQAP 2110 for Software Quality Assurance” – does not include ISO 9001 requirements, extending the requirements of AQAP 2110 to include the quality requirements of the software used in the product
    • AQAP 2310:2017 – “NATO quality assurance requirements for aerospace and defense suppliers” – does not include EN/AS 9100 requirements, extending EN/AS 9100 requirements to include quality requirements for aerospace and defense suppliers
    • AQAP 2105:2019 – “NATO requirements for quality plans” – does not include ISO 9001 requirements, applies to quality plans for the final product
    • AQAP 2131:2017 – “NATO quality assurance requirements for final inspection and testing” – does not contain ISO 9001 requirements and applies to final product quality control

Who should get AQAP certification?

There is no legal requirement that a military supplier, whether operating in the construction, food, defense, or service industries, must be AQAP certified. However, military tender specifications generally require AQAP certification. The Terms of Reference most often mention AQAP 2130.

How to get AQAP certificate?

Implement the AQAP system and report to Quality Certification Center and undergo a certification audit AQAP. The audit is similar to the certification ISO 9001

Benefits of having an AQAP certificate

  • International Certification and Increase Brand Value
  • Increasing work efficiency through clarity of responsibility and competence
  • Increase customer confidence
  • Rationalization of costs due to greater emphasis on control of non-compliant product
  • Reduce the adaptation time of new employees and suppliers
  • Meeting the requirements of global concerns in terms of quality and safety
  • Minimizing the risk of performing a bad service
  • Constant quality and repeatability of products and services
  • Improving the lifetime of the product / service

AQAP requirements should be adapted to Your Company !
No The Company meeting the requirements of AQAP standard!

Steps to implement AQAP with IKMJ:

Step 1: Free AQAP Initial Audit and AQAP Quality Management System Implementation Valuation
Step 2: Development of the management system documentation in accordance with the relevant AQAP requirements
Step 3: Training in risk and reliability management, NATO policy requirements, quality requirements
Step 4: Implementation of the management system documentation according to AQAP
Step 5: Audits of the Management System
Step 6: Post-audit activities
Step 7: Assist during the certification audit

Free AQAP valuation


 IKMJ staff will prepare all the necessary documents on their own and present them to you for approval.
You decide which implementation steps you want to use.


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