Certificate ISO 14001:2015
Implementation and Audit of the environmental management system

ISO 14001 Certificate

How to get ISO 14001 certificate?

Simple as that! To enjoy having this certificate, you have to fulfill requirements of ISO 14001 standard and go through certification audit positively.

Who should implement ISO 14001:

The ISO 14001 standard can be implemented in any type of organization: from small companies operating in one location to international corporations; in organizations that carry out high-risk activities at low-risk service companies; companies that carry out production, processing and service activities, including local authorities; organizations operating in the public and private sectors; original equipment manufacturers and their suppliers.

Integration of QMS and environmental system:

The reason for implementing the environmental management system may be the ease of integration with the quality management system according to ISO 9001. The structure of both standards: ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 is very similar, and some requirements are convergent, which significantly reduces implementation costs. The implementation of the environmental management system is also the starting point for registering the organization in the EMAS system.
It is worth considering the implementation of ISO 14001, because apart from all the other advantages of the system, it becomes more and more popular and is an important standard among companies that are significant in the market.


Advantages of having ISO 14001 certificate:

  • An effective tool to control your environmental impact and limit the negative impact on environment,
  • Savings from the reduction of the substances emission to the environment – reduce the fee for use of the environment and possible penalties for exceeding the emission limit,
  • Lower insurance costs, especially in the case of enterprises with high risk of failure,
  • Additional points when participation in auctions procedures,
  • Open the way to cooperation with companies from Western Europe and the export of their goods and services on this market, because Western consumers appreciate very pro-environmental suppliers,
  • Higher chances in applying for EU subsidies and bank loans – system implementation is often an additional advantage when assessing applications,
  • Increased environmental awareness of employees and order in the workplace,
  • Increasing the company’s prestige and improving its image among clients and contractors – measurable economic benefits.


ISO 14001 is supposed to bring us some benefits and the expenses we incur are expected to be returned at least!
Requirements of ISO 14001 standard should be adopted to conditions of your organisation!!!
And not the company to requirements of ISO system!!! 



Steps of ISO  14001 implementation with IKMJ:

Step 1: Free pre-audit and valuation of ISO 14001 environmental management system
Step 2: Development of the EMS documentation compliant with the ISO 14001 standard
Step 3: Identification of the environmental aspects
Step 4: Training for EMS Representative, Internal Auditors, Management, employees
Step 5: Audits of Environmental Management System
Step 6: Corrective and preventive actions
Step 7: Guarantee of certification

Meeting requirements of ISO 14001 is not that simple because of frequency of changes in environmental law regulations. Due to the specific language of the standard, we can also assist during certification audit.

Our specialists will develop necessary documentation and forward you for acceptance. 
You decide which implementation steps you would like to choose. 

Free ISO 14001 quotation


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