audyt ISO certyfikat

Do you need an ISO CERTIFICATE?
Or maybe an ISO AUDIT, AQAP
or any standard?

It’s easier with us!
Guarantee of positive certification or reimbursement of costs

Quality management

Quality management system
Quality management system for manufacturers of medical devices
Quality assurance system for military and NATO suppliers
Quality management system in education and training (successor to ISO 29990
IT service management system

Environmental and OHS management

Environmental management system
Eco-management and audit system
ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001, ISO/IEC 27001 Integrated management system
OHS management system (successor to OHSAS 18001)
Health, safety and environmental management system

Weapons and military equipment

Quality assurance for military and NATO suppliers
Technical documentation of arms and military equipment
Internal Control System

Information Safety

Information security management system
Personal data protection
Business continuity management
Compliance management (successor to ISO 19600)
Incident investigations
Anti-corruption system
Management of the risk structure related to computer forensics
Personal data protection system (PII) in public clouds
Information security management in health care
Management of environmental conditions for archival and library collections
Analysis of the security of the ICT system
Attack to establish tamper resistance
Lowering the risk and ensuring security when concluding contracts
Support for the protection of the ICT network
Risk management in management systems
A practical analysis of the amount of software you have
Analysis of the number of publications owned

Food and Logistics

Food Safety Management System
Hazard analysis and critical point control
Ensuring food security
BRC Food, BRC Consumer Product, BRC Packaging and Packaging, BRC Storage and Distribution for food producers and sellers and more
Sanitary security for hotels
Animal welfare management

Product CE marking

CE marking for products manufactured in the EU or imported
Preparation of the CE declaration – confirmation of the authenticity of the CE declaration
Factory production control subject to certification and non-certification

Automotive and Welding

Quality management system in the automotive industry
Success audit for suppliers of automotive products to Western markets
Metal materials welding quality management system
Rail vehicle welding quality management system
WPQR protocol – initial correctness of the welding technological instruction

Other norms and standards

Risk management guidelines
Social responsibility management system
Complaints service
Providing human resources
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